District 5 Cities

Cities of District 5

Riverside County 5th District includes six incorporated cities (Moreno Valley, Calimesa, Beaumont, Banning, Perris, and Menifee) and over twenty-five unincorporated communities.


Located in the San Gorgonio Pass, it is known as a “stagecoach” city that connected travelers to their destination. Population: 31,230 https://www.ci.banning.ca.us


Located at the peak of the San Gorgonio Pass, its name means “Beautiful Mountain” in French.
Population: 46,967


Bordering San Bernardino County, it is best known for its wildlife corridor in conjunction with the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.
Population: 8,817


Located in the southwestern part of the county, it is known for its roads that were uniquely named after the “family names” of local land owners.
Population: 91,902

Moreno Valley

Largest city in the district, created by merging the communities or Moreno, Sunnymead, and Edgemont in 1984.
Population: 207,000


Named after Fred T. Perris, the Chief Engineer of the California Southern Railroad, which connected the cities of Barstow and San Diego.
Population: 77,879

Unincorporated Areas of District 5

Banning Bench • Cabazon • Cherry Valley • Desert Hills • Desert Hot Springs • El Nido area • Juniper Flats • Lake Perris • Lakeview • Lakeview Mountains • Mission Springs • Nuevo • North Palm Springs • Painted Hills • Quail Lake • Reche Canyon • San Jacinto Wildlife Reserve • San Timoteo Canyon • Snow Creek • the Sovereign Nation of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians • Twin Pines • West Garnet • Whitewater • Windy Point